Summary of services

What the EFMT Jean-Fabrice can do for you ...

Well versed in spirituality and well-being since the age of 15, I provide relief by laying on of hands (magnetism) and by channeling and then diffusing vital energy (energy care). A medium with incorporation and physical effects, I also have this extremely rare feature of being able to incorporate Celestial Healers so that they act through me for those who need to be appeased from their pain, their suffering, or illness. hardly curable.


I am not claiming anything… I am simply an instrument which puts itself at the service of all.


Through the Transfiguration *, the name I gave to my specific mediumship, you have the opportunity to get rid of your most diverse ailments.


I am the author of four books, published by Editions Lanore in Paris. I have participated, on several occasions, in radio broadcasts  (IDFM, Radio Fréquence Evasion, Sud Radio, ADO FM). I also carried out more than twelve years of conferences throughout France, from 2008 to 2020. I created, on January 20, 2021, in Dinard (35800), a school called EFMT Jean-Fabrice ® whose goal is to pass on my know-how and interpersonal skills acquired over 30 years in the field of mediumship, magnetism and energy care. Training is offered as well as conferences to allow the evolution of consciousness and the opening of hearts.


I am also a certified practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian hypnosis and spiritual hypnosis (regression).


Through my services, I highlight certain values such as :

- respect: in the confidentiality of our exchanges, in the neutrality of opinion and the absence of judgment, in the integrity of your person.

- excellence: in the search for unfailing commitment and optimal efficiency for the well-being of the individual.

- humility: in terms of the results of the care, of the close relationship with my Friends in Heaven who help me accomplish my mission.


>> As a medium, magnetizer and energy specialist, I offer to help you, in all humility and without pretension, face-to-face or remotely, to:

  • Relieve you of side effects due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments;

  • Promote well-being, when even the treatments received do not improve your state of health;

  • Offer you a gentle and natural therapy ;

  • Overcome a state of stress , depression, even extreme fatigue;

  • Allow you to better understand your body and the needs of your soul;

  • Develop your spiritual awareness and open heart. As such, I organize for those who wish it training in mediumship, magnetism and energy care;

  • Understand and process the so-called "paranormal" phenomena that you can feel, see or hear (presences, negative energies, unexplained facts).


Toolkit: magnetism, energy healing, mediumship / Transfiguration *.

* Transfiguration: term which designates the materialization of the face of a disembodied being after incorporation into the body of the medium and whose manifestation results in a superposition of the two faces.


Transfiguration is therefore a mediumship with physical effects which allows, in addition to seeing Entities and being able to communicate with them, to receive appropriate care through an energetic rebalancing of all your chakras.


>> As a personal development coach, I offer you, with listening and kindness, personalized support in person to allow you to:


  • Find or regain your serenity, your confidence, your esteem;

  • Transform a past or present trauma (rape, touching, incest, moral and / or emotional violence of a narcissistic pervert, etc.);

  • Develop your full potential and leadership;

  • Overcome obstacles , difficult situations in all areas of your life;

  • Find meaning in your existence ;

  • Understand, accept and bounce back from grief or separation.


I support adults, adolescents and children (from 6 years old) who have lived through painful circumstances and help them transform these traumas in order to reconnect with themselves and regain their emotional balance.


Toolkit: neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), conversational hypnosis.


>> As a certified hypnotherapist, I support you thanks to this effective method, face-to-face or remotely, to change a behavior or a belief, such as: addictions (stopping smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.) , phobias, trauma, psychosomatic disorders, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, anxiety, weight loss, management of emotions and stress, burnout ...

… Or to go back to your past (present life or previous lives) in order to better understand your problems and support you to solve them in full awareness.

Toolkit: Ericksonian hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis.

My rates for individual consultation - at the EFMT Jean-Fabrice office in Dinard (35800) or remotely depending on the services:


  • Transfiguration: 50 € (01h30)

  • Magnetism: 50 € (01h00)

  • Energy treatments: 50 € (01h00)

  • Ericksonian hypnosis: 50 € (01h15)

  • Spiritual hypnosis (regression): 60 € (01h30)

  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): 70 € (02h00-02h30)


I put my quality of listening, benevolence, generosity, my strength of conviction as well as my presence at the service of your needs. Come, you will come out stronger!