The conditions for enrollment in the EFMT



You will find below the prerequisites required before any training.


This document is sent to you at the same time as the application form and its questionnaire.

Like the other documents, you must complete it, date it, sign it and return it by email or by post to the following address:

EFMT Jean-Fabrice, 48 Boulevard Jules Verger 35800 Dinard.

Here are the required prerequisites:

  1. Fill out the application form and questionnaire.

  2. Obtain the application agreement by Jean-Fabrice (written invitation), return it duly completed and signed, as well as the oath of confidentiality.

  3. For the first session and throughout the training, bring Jean-Fabrice's book entitled: La Transfiguration - A communion of souls between Heaven and Earth - 30 years of experience in heritage, Editions Lanore, 2021.

  4. Also, for each session, equip yourself with a white outfit (top and bottom) and some supplies to take notes if necessary.

  5. Pass the theoretical and practical test which takes place at the end of the third training session. If this test fails, the candidate is rejected for the rest of the training.

  6. Pay the required deposit (only for the 1st session) one month before the start date of the training.

  7. Set the amount of each training session for the 01 of the month concerned. Payment can be made in several installments. Please contact Jean-Fabrice to find an agreement on the practical terms of your payment.