Jean-Fabrice has written four books.


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My fourth book :


The Transfiguration

A communion of souls between Heaven and Earth

30 years of legacy experiences



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Transfiguration is the term which defines the materialization of the face of a disembodied being after incorporation into the body of the medium and whose manifestation results in a superposition of the two faces. This exceptional phenomenon is therefore a real bridge between our two worlds.


Physical contact generates the production of a combination of energies of an etheric nature which transform into semi-physical substances or ectoplasms. In addition, Incorporated Entities may communicate with us in several ways. Source of benefits, the Transfiguration also makes it possible to operate energy treatments, by rebalancing the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


Jean-Fabrice affirms that anyone who wishes to follow his path can achieve this achievable goal under certain conditions. It offers volunteers theoretical and practical training to master this unique mediumship.


This book is the result of thirty years of experience, handed down today as a legacy.  




My third book :


Transfigured Love

Initiatory path towards the manifestation of the world of the Beyond

(continuation of The Revealed Knowledge)      


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Through this book, Jean-Fabrice continues his testimony on the formidable potential of the human being, the reality of the survival of the soul and the confirmation of the existence of the world of the Beyond.


It allows the reader to better understand the unique and incredible phenomenon of the Transfiguration, a true means of communication with the invisible world, in particular by specifying the process of materialization of faces. It also aims to make you discover the latest developments in the field, such as energy care, extratemporal journeys and the presence of Christ.


The reality of the Transfiguration leaves no one indifferent. Jean-Fabrice gives you the opportunity to realize the importance of these magical and wonderful moments.


He also invites you to join him in conference. You will live, like what is said in this work, moments of Sharing, in the Love and the Light of Christ, where Heaven and Earth come together to commune together. Then, your whole life will be turned upside down and, in your turn, you will be able to bear witness to this finally revealed reality.

My second book :


Knowledge revealed

Initiatory path towards the manifestation of the world of the Beyond  


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In his great dismay, modern man suffers from ailments that he can no longer overcome. However, today, a great hope is born in his heart: that of a near happiness, of a revelation which would deliver him from his ignorance, from his fears, and which would fundamentally change his future. You who doubt, you who ask yourself a multitude of questions about the meaning of life, know that the time has come to finally know who you really are.


Through this book, Jean-Fabrice initiates the reader to the Transfiguration. It also gives him a teaching resulting from the Primordial Tradition in order to allow him to meditate on fundamental questions, to give him certain keys to know himself better, to appreciate his environment differently, to find his way and his full development.


Author, lecturer and medium with physical effects, Jean-Fabrice works for the awakening of consciousness, in particular in the relational field which unites us to the Beyond. At nineteen, he went through a series of mystical experiences that would change his life. From then on, he testifies that there is a real opportunity to know the Invisible thanks to an astonishing process that he calls the Transfiguration.


Anxious to make discover this unique phenomenon of its kind, Jean-Fabrice organizes numerous conferences, through practical sessions carried out in public.

My first book :


I am not of this world ...                     


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The world we live in leaves little room for happiness in living, for peace of mind. Constantly disturbed by a hostile environment, we experience many difficulties in our daily life. Torn between our personal needs, our plans for the future, and the lifestyle imposed on us by modern society, we have lost sight of the fact that the essential lies not outside but inside our being. It is essential, even primordial, that each of us change the way we perceive the world, become aware of our divinity, and of the duties incumbent on us in order to preserve the future of humanity and its environment.


At the same time witness and actor of events for the less astounding, Jean-Fabrice testifies that there is another reality, not perceptible by our senses but nevertheless very real. Through his experience, he encourages the reader to meditate on fundamental questions and gives him certain keys to get to know himself better, to appreciate the world around him differently, to find his way and his full development.


After having exposed his conception of life, Jean-Fabrice takes us into the mysterious world of the beyond, sensitizing us on certain paranormal phenomena unexplained to date, and gives an original philosophy of life. He thus proposes, for any seeker of truth, to put into practice his spiritual approach which aims at interior realization. Finally, it reveals to us an esoteric knowledge, resulting from the Primordial Tradition, which allows us to better understand the laws which govern this world.