The Transfiguration: what?


Transfiguration is the term which defines the materialization of the face of a disembodied being after incorporation into the body of the medium and whose manifestation results in a superposition of the two faces.


The Transfiguration is therefore a mediumship with incorporation and physical effects. This exceptional phenomenon is a real bridge between our two worlds.


Physical contact generates the production of a combination of energies of an etheric nature which transform into semi-physical substances or ectoplasms. In addition, Incorporated Entities may communicate with us in several ways.


Source of benefits, the Transfiguration also makes it possible to operate energy treatments, by rebalancing the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


Jean-Fabrice affirms that anyone who wishes to follow his path can achieve this achievable goal under certain conditions. It offers volunteers theoretical and practical training to master this unique mediumship.

Extract from Jean-Fabrice's book

The Transfiguration - A communion of souls between Heaven and Earth - 30 years of heritage experiences  (Lanore Editions - 2021) 

 " There are things that cannot be explained, things that touch the hearts of men… The Transfiguration is one of them. If I take my pen today, it is above all to make you discover it, as explicitly as possible, this exceptional mediumship that I have been practicing since 1991.


The Transfiguration, you must understand, is above all a sacred moment when Heaven and Earth unite and where each person present receives according to their own needs. It is a moment of Fraternity and Sharing between the visible and invisible world.


Simple intermediary between the two shores, I am only a "channel" at the service of all, but more particularly, of those who suffer from the loss of a loved one, as well as of those who believe in the existence of Beings. of Light, Spiritual Guides and Celestial Healers.


Before going any further in my remarks, I would like to make a little aside on the very term Transfiguration. The latter should in no case be assimilated to that found in the Bible. I neither pretend to identify with its author nor the will to harm anyone.


I would like to point out that at the time this term was "inspired" to me by associating two words: "transformation" and "figure" which gave "Transfiguration". I ask anyone of Christian denomination who might be struck by this terminology to forgive me. Do not see any vehemence there really, because I am deeply respectful towards all religions and all beliefs. My goal is not to shock or create controversy, but to reveal an extraordinary phenomenon.


Today, with your help, I would like to make the Transfiguration known to as many people as possible, because it deserves to be known and recognized. By studying it in a precise way, we have the possibility of making formidable discoveries which will undoubtedly change the way of thinking of modern man. My hope is that he will now turn to the study of the spiritual planes and that he will finally find his divinity.


I am well aware that the revelations of my fourth book will be a real revolution for the conscience. However, what I am saying today, Pope John XXIII predicted in his time: he said that death would become small and that it would be conquered. Understand by this that death will no longer frighten, that it will no longer be a taboo subject, because the existence of the afterlife will be proven. Once again, it is not a question of putting myself forward, but of raising awareness of this reality.


For several years now, the position of the Church with regard to the world of the Hereafter, and in particular of a possible contact with the deceased, has evolved. Some priests become open, like the work of Fathers François BRUNE (author of the book The dead speak to us) and Gino CONCETTI, columnist for the Observatore Romano, the official daily of the Holy See.


The following extracts are taken from an article published by the ANSA press agency under the pen of Father Gino CONCETTI on November 28, 1996. He speaks of the Beyond in an unprecedented way. Father Gino CONCETTI, brother of the Order of Franciscan Minor, is one of the most competent theologians. He explains the position of the Church:


1- For the Catholic Church, contacts with the Hereafter are possible on condition that this dialogue with the world of the deceased is made under the inspiration of faith. God allows our dear deceased who live in the ultra-terrestrial dimension to send messages to guide us in certain moments of life. Following the new discoveries in the field of psychology on the paranormal, the Church has decided to no longer prohibit experiences of dialogues with the deceased on condition that they are carried out with a serious religious and scientific purpose.


2- The messages can reach us not through words and sounds, that is to say with "normal" human means, but through various signs: dreams, sometimes premonitory, spiritual impulses that enter our mind (impulses that can turn into visions and concepts).


3- Those who most often capture these phenomena are sensitive people, in other words people who have a higher sensitivity to ultra-terrestrial signs, I mean clairvoyants and mediums. But "normal" people can have certain extraordinary perceptions, a strange sign, sudden enlightenment. Unlike sensitive people, they can rarely be able to interpret what is going on inside and within themselves.


4- In order to interpret these phenomena, the Church allows us to address these “mediums”, but with great caution and under certain conditions. The “sensitive” people who can be asked for assistance must be people who carry out their experiments, even with modern techniques, on the basis of faith. If they are priests, it is even better ...


5- It is necessary to approach the dialogue with the deceased only in situations of great necessity: someone who has lost his father or his mother in tragic circumstances (or his child or his spouse) and does not resign himself at the thought of his disappearance. Having contact with the soul of the dear deceased can reassure a mind overwhelmed by the tragedy. You can also turn to the deceased if you need to solve a serious problem in your life. Our ancestors, in general, help us and never send us messages that harm ourselves or God ...


6- We must not play with the souls of the deceased. They should not be mentioned for trivial reasons. It is also advisable to have a great discernment with regard to the signs of the beyond and not to “emphatize” them too much, one would risk falling into an excessive credulity of the most suspicious. First of all, we must approach the phenomenon of mediumship with the strength of faith, otherwise we risk losing our psychic balance.


I think these excerpts can reassure practicing Catholics who come to find comfort through my lectures. In any case, it is a small opening for those who until now lived their spiritual quest with a feeling of transgression of the Christian faith and of guilt.


My foreword being clear, the reader must also realize that the fruit of this adventure, of this book, is both individual and collective work. Individual, in the sense that I worked alone on myself in order to acquire knowledge and develop my potential. Collective, because without the Entities of the world of the Hereafter, I would not have been able to do anything. It is this complicity, this desire to work together for humanity, which makes me credible in their eyes, even if, somewhere, I chose this mission by coming to Earth and everything has been decided in advance. ...


That being said, here is the definition I gave to the Transfiguration:


The Transfiguration is the term which defines the materialization of the face of a disembodied being, after incorporation into the body of the medium and whose manifestation results in a superposition of the two faces.


It is, you will understand, to show "visually" the living face of a deceased person, a spiritual guide or a Being of Light. Yes, I do say "alive"! The Transfiguration is nothing more than a bridge between our two worlds. It gives you the opportunity to get in touch with one of your missing relatives, or even your guide (or "guardian angel", in popular parlance, even if this name is not quite exact), and experience intense emotions. Thus, it is an original, but real means of proving that there is indeed life after life.


Although this may seem incomprehensible to you, or scare some, it is in fact not at all! Indeed, the Transfiguration is explained because it respects the established Universal Laws, and is lived face-to-face without risk. I therefore assert, without hesitation, that you will not compromise yourself in any way during these public or private sessions: no case of possession or obsession is possible. The protection of my own guides and those of the witness living the experience, even of the public, is obvious and effective. Everything is done in order and discipline and nothing is done at random ...


To be even more precise on its nature, I would say that the Transfiguration is a physical mediumship whose result is the appearance of ectoplasms. When a person witnesses this phenomenon, he can very clearly distinguish a form of "malleable mask" which is imprinted on the medium's face. This "mask" is the product of a combination of energies of etheric nature which the Entities of the world of the Hereafter use by transforming them into a semi-physical substance. The goal, for them, is to materialize in order to prove the survival of the soul… but not only!


As we will see in the second part of this book,Through constant practice, the Transfiguration has evolved from year to year as I have metamorphosed myself. So, it wasn't just about seeing faces. It also made it possible to communicate with these Entities and to have, by that very fact, messages whose goal is to help the witness in his life, to answer the questions he asks himself.


In addition, the Transfiguration has become an increased source of blessings. My very close relationship with the Beings of Light, Spiritual Guides and Celestial Healers, allowed me to understand that it could be a great alternative to our most diverse ailments.


To be more explicit, I would say that it has become a very particular way of treating certain energy imbalances. Thus, the Entity which incorporates itself is able to act through me and to operate a real rebalancing of the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the person placed in front of me. The witness is fully taken into account, from head to toe, and is in a stable condition, at all levels, after only a few minutes.


Another evolution of the Transfiguration is what I have called “the extratemporal journey”. The witness is literally taken, via a modified state of consciousness, to another dimension, to another space-time, to live a particular adventure where, generally, she receives a message from the Entity that accompanies her, or even a teaching. … The witness is able, by returning to his original state of consciousness, to retransmit what he has seen, heard or learned. Nonetheless, extratemporal travel remains quite rare.


Finally, since 2009, the Transfiguration has taken an extremely important turn: it now encompasses the presence of Christic energy and that of several Guides of Light. Since there is now a notion of the sacred, I had to specify that I now use the term Transfiguration with a capital “T”. This was not the case in my first book entitled I am not of this world… published in 2007. "