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The EFMT program



Below is the EFMT program for the three and a half years of training.




1st year: return to Self.

Objective: to get to know yourself, to focus, to protect yourself.

Module 1: listen to your body through its feelings

Module 2: identify your fears and fight them.

Module 3: anchor yourself to the ground and center yourself.

Module 4: purifying your physical body and subtle bodies.

Module 5: protect yourself in all circumstances.

Module 6: open your heart and mind.

Module 7: flourish in joy.



2nd year: opening to the Invisible.

Objective: to establish a relationship with the Beyond.

Module 1: maintain the permanent standby state.

Module 2: communicating with your guide.

Module 3: arouse intuition and the use of the 3rd eye.

Module 4: know your life mission and the tools necessary to achieve it.

Module 5: requesting protection and assistance.

Module 6: develop your psychic faculties.



3rd year: acceptance and dedication.

Objective: to put oneself at the service of Heaven and Earth.

Module 1: accept and assert yourself with full confidence.

Module 2: use your mediumistic capacities.

Module 3: giving and showing self-sacrifice.

Module 4: cultivating faith and love.

Module 5: public speaking.

Module 6: carry out a complete Transfiguration session.



Continuation of the 3rd year: bearer of truth, awakener of consciences and hearts

Objective: to work throughout the world, to train and transmit

Module 1: Become a Spiritual Warrior.

Module 2: daring to reveal yourself to the world.

Module 3: Orientation towards Wisdom.

Module 4: fully assume your role as a trainer.

Module 5: master your knowledge and know-how.

Module 6: teach and transmit with humility and simplicity.



In each module there will be theory and practice.



Regarding the theoretical aspect, you will have in-depth courses, for example, on the chakras, the sacred rays, the Merkaba, the architecture of the unmanifested world, but also specific courses in order to acquire the necessary knowledge to become in your turn transfigurationist medium.


Regarding the practical aspect, you will have initiation rituals, meditations, Transfiguration sessions and spiritual exercises to perform.

Here is, by way of example, the constitution of the modules for the 1st year.


It should be noted that at the end of the 3rd module, a theoretical and practical test will be carried out in order to assess the progress of each student. At the end of the first year and the following ones, this same principle of test will be carried out for the passage to the next level.


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