Biography of Jean-Fabrice




Personal development coach, hypnotherapist, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, author, speaker, energy specialist, channel and physical effects medium specializing in "Transfiguration".


Born in 1969, Jean-Fabrice found himself very early on in a world in which he felt out of touch. Very young already, he refutes the material world which seems to him not to be reality but ony a bad nightmare. Therefore, well aware of the need to go through this in order to evolve spiritually, he sets himself a line of conduct based on a purity of intention and of heart; its goal being to promote values ​​and virtues.


At the age of seven, he quickly realizes that his interests are different from his classmates. Rather solitary, he reflects and is already trying to understand the meaning of his existence on earth. Jean-Fabrice is sensitive to another reality that his comrades do not even suspect. For him, there is indisputably “something else” which calls out to him but whose nature he is unable to define. He feels a force around him, a presence, a support.


As a teenager, Jean-Fabrice has a pronounced taste for esoteric reading. His thirst for knowledge is not satisfied until he begins to be initiated into the secrets of the Primordial Tradition. He thus studies the mysteries of High Antiquity, Druidism, Temple worship, Freemasonry, and is also interested in numerology.


At nineteen, he lived a series of mystical experiences that would change his life. Specialized in "Transfiguration", he never ceases to amaze those around him. Anxious to master this phenomenon perfectly, he has practiced it relentlessly since 1991. Today, Jean-Fabrice organizes conferences on this theme in order to publicize this unique phenomenon of its kind.


Through his book entitled Je ne suis pas de ce monde… (published by Editions Le Manuscrit in 2007; republished by Editions Lanore in 2011), Jean-Fabrice testifies that there is another reality, not perceptible by our senses but nevertheless well real. Thanks to his experience, he encourages the reader to meditate on fundamental questions and gives him certain keys to get to know himself better, to appreciate the world around him differently, to find his way and his full development. He also proposes, for any seeker of truth, to put into practice his spiritual approach which aims at interior realization.


Since then, Jean-Fabrice has written a book entitled La Connaissance Révélation (Editions Lanore, 2010) in which he initiates the reader to the Transfiguration. Finally, with L'Amour transfiguré (Editions LANORE, 2011), he continues his testimony on the formidable potential of the human being, the reality of the survival of the soul and the confirmation of the existence of the world of Au of the. It allows the reader to better understand the unique and incredible phenomenon of the Transfiguration, a true means of communication with the invisible world, in particular by specifying the process of materialization of faces. It also aims to make you discover the latest developments in the field, such as energy care, extratemporal travel and the presence of Christ.

Finally, with his fourth book entitled La Transfiguration - A communion of souls between Heaven and Earth - 30 years of experience in inheritance (Editions Lanore, publication in the second quarter of 2021), Jean-Fabrice demonstrates by his acquired knowledge, not only the reality of the world of the Hereafter, but also how he manages to materialize on his face that of the deceased, of Guides, of Beings of Light or of exception. He also teaches us how the Celestial Healers provide energy healing through him, while affirming the solemnity of these wonderful moments through the presence of Christ energy. He reminds us that everyone can discover and develop if they wish their tremendous inner potential. The Transfiguration can be an achievable goal to achieve, under certain conditions.


Jean-Fabrice offers the volunteers a theoretical and practical training to master this unique phenomenon of its kind.

On January 20, 2021, he founded the world's first training school for transfigurationist mediums under the EFMT Jean-Fabrice brand, registered with the INPI.