at About EFMT

Its motto :

"Learn to serve Love"



The Transfigurationist Mediums Training School was born on January 20, 2021, under the brand  EFMT Jean-Fabrice® , registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). It is the first school of its kind in the world!

Jean-Fabrice, at the origin of this project, seeks to demonstrate that man does not recognize himself in his deep structure of spiritual Being and that he can acquire the knowledge necessary to sublimate himself and become fully and truly what he is: an individualized divine essence that lives, through materiality, the spiritual experience of the creative Source of all things.


Thus, as he undertook to do so in his book entitled: La Transfiguration - A communion of souls between Heaven and Earth - 30 years of heritage experiences (Editions Lanore - 2021), he wishes, through this school to training, bring their students to a level of spiritual knowledge such that they can then better understand their divine reality, accept themselves and understand the surrounding world, develop their psychic faculties, care for their neighbor and serve humanity, through the Transfiguration.

Becoming a transfigurationist medium is above all a life mission, a service for the benefit of a humanity in decline, lost in the twists and turns of its own illusions.


The EFMT is fully committed to this altruistic path which is summed up by its motto: "Learn to serve Love".


Now ask yourself the question of whether you are really made for this commitment by answering these questions.

Would you like to :

- know you perfectly?

- develop your psychic faculties?

- heal your own wounds from the past?

- know your life mission and the tools you need to achieve it?

- learn to communicate with your guide (s)?

- show the reality of the invisible world through the Transfiguration and prove the survival of the soul?

- channel messages from the Hereafter?

- commune with the unmanifest world?

- be protected in all circumstances?

- provide energy care after incorporating a healer in you?

- serve your neighbor and humanity?

- sublimate yourself in order to reach your realization of spiritual Being?

Anyone who is sincere and willing to undertake a spiritual process, both individual and collective, who hears the call of his heart, is able to follow the courses provided by the EFMT. They first aim to get to know you better, to focus on you and to protect you. Then, through the mastery of the Transfiguration, you will be able to establish a relationship with the world of the Hereafter, to put yourself at the service of Heaven and Earth. Finally, for the most assiduous and who will go to the terms of this unique and exceptional training, you will appropriate the necessary tools to work around the world, train your future students and in turn pass on your knowledge and personal experiences.

The goal is noble, ambitious and realistic. Jean-Fabrice believes it! Will you accompany him on this adventure?